Morse Corsage is a wearable and wireless communication device that exploits Morse Code and e-textile technology. Morse Code is the most versatile method of telecommunication and it is readable by humans. Morse Corsage utilizes the minimal gesture to generate infinitely many messages, in contrast to the nowadays telecommunication devices which are embedded with highly complicated user interfaces.

A crocheted corsage embedded with custom electronics is designed to be worn on user's wrist. It consists of a microcontroller, a Bluetooth module, a long life battery, a push button and an ultra bright LED, which are sewn on the corsage with conductive thread. User will press on the push button momentarily to generate rhythms of long and short Morse Code elements and these signals will transmit wirelessly to the server/receiver. Morse Corsage has been used to make phone calls and send text messages to mobile devices. It has also been used to communicate with a computer android (see video).