An Angel Passes

Un ange passe (an angel passes) is a French expression used to relax the uncomfortable atmosphere arising from awkward silence in a conversation. The unpleasant nature of such silences is associated with feelings of anxiety as participants are unsure what to say next. A pair of white, feathered wings embedded with microcontroller and sensors is designed to detect silences during the conversations among the participants. This work aims to study the nature of anxiety arising from awkward silences and turn awkwardness into romance.

在法國,當對話突然變得寂靜(即香港人常說的dead-air),人們會說「噢!有天使經過!」來化解尷尬的氣氛 。這個作品是一雙可佩戴在肩膀上的白色翅膀,上面裝有感應器及微控制器,用來探測參與者之間對話時出現的沉默。藝術家希望透過本作品激發參與者思考:為何社交時的寂靜會讓人們感到尷尬?為什麼我們要連忙找話題來"充塞死空氣",而不能分享沉默中的浪漫?