Multitouch Finger Registration and Its Applications



We present a simple finger registration technique that can distinguish in real-time which hand and fingers of the user are touching the touchscreen. The finger registration process is activated whenever the user places a hand, in any orientation, anywhere on the touchscreen. Such a finger registration technique enables the design of intuitive multitouch interfaces that directly map different combinations of the user’s fingers to the interface operations. In this paper, we first study the effectiveness and robustness of the finger registration process. We then demonstrate the usability of our finger registration method for two new interfaces. Specifically, we describe the Palm Menu, which is an intuitive dynamic menu interface that minimizes hand and eye movement during operations, and a virtual mouse interface that enables user to perform mouse operations in multitouch environment. We conducted controlled experiments to compare the performance of the Palm Menu against common command selection interfaces and the virtual mouse against traditional pointing devices.
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We would like to thank Jingbo Liu and Jackson Yuen for implementation help. This work is supported by the Innovation & Technology Fund of Hong Kong (project ITS/117/09).