The Implicit Fan Cursor: A Velocity Dependent Area Cursor

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We present the Implicit Fan Cursor (IFC) – a novel target pointing technique using a cursor with a fan-shape activation area. The IFC couples the cursor’s activation area with its velocity, i.e., the speed and direction of the mouse motion, behaving like a 2D spotlight cursor at low speed and a circular area cursor at high speed. Thus, it enables the user to precisely acquire distant targets at low speed and easily acquire nearest targets at high speed, without explicit mode switch- ing. This technique minimizes cursor movement, while taking into consideration of the precision of cursor movement at different speeds. It also ensures that only one target is captured at any time. The results of our controlled experiments show that the IFC outperforms the point cursor and the area cursor techniques, particularly in terms of cursor moving distance, and that its performance can be accurately modeled using the Fitts’ law.
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We thank all the reviewers of this paper for the insightful comments and constructive suggestions. The work described in this paper was partially supported by two grants from City University of Hong Kong (CityU Reference No.: 7003056 and 7004155), and two GRF grants from the RGC of Hong Kong (RGC Reference No.: CityU 116010 and CityU 115112).