My Group


  • Hui Ye (2017-; PhD student)
  • Wanchao Su (2016-; PhD student)
  • Pui Chung Wong (2015-; PhD student; co-supervised by Dr. Kening Zhu)
  • Yilan Chen (2014-; PhD student)
  • Dr. Xin Yang (2017-19; Post-doc under Hong Kong Scholars Scheme (香江學者))
  • Dr. Kin Chung Kwan (2017-18; Post-doc)


  • Bin Bao (2010-2017; MPhil; now Lecturer at Shangdong Women's University)
    Thesis: Flexible Vectorization and Colorization Tools for Line Drawings )
  • Quoc Huy Phan (2012-2016; PhD student; co-supervised by Dr. Antoni Chan, now Postdoc at University of Bath, UK
    Thesis: Data-driven Methods for Capturing and Replicating Artistic Styles in Graphical Design )
  • Andy Li (2010-2015; PhD student; now Senior Engieer at TCL Research Hong Kong
    Thesis: Accuracy, Accessibility and Extensibility in Mobile Device Interaction)
  • Dr. Shizhe Zhou (2017-18; Research Fellow)
  • Dong Du (2017-18; Visiting PhD student from University of Science and Technology of China)
  • Wenlong Meng (2017-18; Visiting Master student from Ningbo University)
  • Pengfei Xu (2011-2015; Phd student; co-supervised by Prof. Chiew-Lan Tai; now Assistant Professor at Shenzhen University
    Thesis: Pattern-Aware Selection and Arrangement of Graphic Elements)
  • Zhe Huang (2015-2016; Postdoc; now Engineer in a start-up compnay at Shenzhen)
  • Yongwei Nie (2014; Visiting PhD student from Wuhan University; now Postdoc at South China University of Technology, China)
  • Changqing Zou (2013-2014; Visiting PhD student from Chinese Academy of Sciences; now Postdoc at Simon Fraser University)
  • Jiyuan Zhang (2013-2014; Visiting PhD student from Peking University)
  • Xiaoguang Han (2011-2013; Research Associate; now PhD student at HKU)
  • Hanlin Zheng (2011-2012; Visting PhD student from Zhejiang University)
  • Shizhe Zhou (2010-2011; PhD student - visiting - from Zhejiang University; now Associate Professor at Hunan University, China)
  • Jia Chen (2010; Senior Research Associate; now Senior Researcher at Lenovo, Hong Kong)
  • Qingnan (James) Zhou (2010; Visiting PhD student from New York University; now Research Engieer at Adobe Research)
Professional Services


Conference Organization

Program Committee

  • SIGGRAPH Asia, 2010-2017
  • Eurographics, 2014-2017
  • Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP), 2012, 2014, 2015
  • Pacific Graphics, 2010
  • Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D), 2010-2013
  • Shape Modeling International, 2011-2016
  • Symposium on Virtual Reality Software Technology, 2014-2015
  • Computational Visual Media, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016
Honors & Awards
  • The Best Demo Honorable Mention, Symposium on Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications, SIGGRAPH Asia 2016, Macao, China.
  • The President's Award, City University of Hong Kong, Jan 2016.
  • Best Paper, CAD/Graphics 2015, Xi'an, China
  • Associate Editor of the Year 2015, Computers & Graphics, Elsevier
  • Best Demo (selected by audience), Emerging Technologies, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2014, Shenzhen, China
  • Excellence in Reviewing (for the year of 2012), Computers & Graphics, Elsevier
  • Best Demo (voted by attendees), Emerging Technologies, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2013, Hong Kong
  • Program Highlight, Emerging Technologies, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2013, Hong Kong
  • Program Highlight, Technical Papers, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2011, Hong Kong
  • Program Highlight, Technical Papers, ACM SIGGRAPH 2010, LA, USA
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