My Group


  • Yilan Chen (PhD student)
  • Quoc Huy Phan (PhD student)
  • Bin Bao (PhD student)


Professional Services


  • Computer Graphics Forum, Associate Editor, 2015-
  • Computers & Graphics, Associate Editor, 2014-
  • The Visual Computer, Associate Editor, 2013-

Conference Organization

Program Committee


  • Conferences: SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, Eurographics, IEEE Visualization, IEEE Virtual Reality, GMP, etc.
  • Journals: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Graphical Models, Computers & Graphics, The Visual Computer, etc.
Research Summary

My research has focused primarily on the field of computer graphics in general and geometric modeling and processing in particular. Geometric modeling is one of the principal tasks involved in creating and rendering three-dimensional scenes. With an ever-increasing demand for realism, detailed 3D geometric models are becoming commonplace, particularly in computer aided design, manufacturing and many graphics-applied fields such as movie and video game industries. Despite the ubiquity of 3D scanners, most 3D geometric shapes are created through user input, either by modeling from scratch or by editing existing models. However, most commercial modeling systems are still very cumbersome to use and thus often limited to a small group of professional digital artists. Instead, one of my research goals is to make 3D shape modeling and editing simple and intuitive to use, making it accessible for non-expert users. To achieve this, I try to strike a a balance between the control intuitiveness of tools and the geometric complexity of modeling output, thus making the modeling process significantly less labor-intensive.

Below I give an overview of my recent research activities. Please check out further details at my publication page.

     Interactive Surface Modeling

Related publications:
Differential methods for intuitive 3D shape modeling, PhD Thesis, 2007
Handle-aware isolines for scalable shape editing, SIGGRAPH 2007
Effective derivation of similarity transformations for implicit Laplacian mesh editing, CGF 2007
Dual Laplacian editing for meshes, IEEE TVCG 2006
Optimal boundaries for Poisson mesh merging, ACM SPM 2007
Morphing with Laplacian coordinates and spatial-temporal texture, PG 2005
Mesh editing with curvature flow Laplacian, SGP 2005 Poster
Topology-free cut-and-paste editing over meshes, GMP 2004

     Shape Analysis

Related publications:
Electors voting for fast automatic shape correspondence, Eurographics 2010
Upright orientation of man-made objects, SIGGRAPH 2008
Hierarchical aggregation for efficient shape extraction, Sringer TVC 2008

     Hair/Cloth Modeling and Simulation

Related publications:
Wrinkling captured garments using space-time data-driven deformation, Eurographics 2009
Sketching hairstyles, Eurographics Workshop on SBIM 2007

     Smart Media Retargetting

Related publications:
Motion-aware temporal coherence for video resizing, SIGGRAPH Asia 2009
Browsing on small displays by transforming web pages into hierarchically structured sub-pages
, TWEB 2009
Slicing*-tree based web page transformation for small displays, CKIM 2005



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