One-Man Orchestra: Conducting Smartphone Orchestra

Emerging Technologies, SIGGRAPH Asia 2014

Chun Kit Tsui (Blue)    Chi Hei Law (Thomas)     Hongbo Fu

School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong


Our one-man orchestra platform allows a single human conductor to control music performance of a set of smartphone devices using bimanual conducting gestures. The system consists of two Leap motion controllers and a varying number of smartphone devices.

We got the Best Demo Award (voted by attendees) at SIGGRAPH Asia 2014!

With Blue, Certificate

This work presents a new platform for performing one-man orchestra. The conductor is the only human involved, who uses traditional bimanual conducting gestures to interactively direct the performance of smartphones instead of human performers in a real-world orchestra. Each smartphone acts as a virtual performer who plays a certain music instrument like piano and violin. Our work not only allows ordinary people to experience music conducting but also provides a training platform so that students can practice music conducting with a unique listening experience.

Selected Exhibitions
  • Playful Media 2014
  • CityU Info Day 2014
  • InnoCarnival 2014
  • SIGGRAPH Asia 2014