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Photography by Deacon@SCM, 2009

   CV (as of Aug. 26, 2014)
   Short Bio (as of Aug. 26, 2014)

Associate Professor (2014-present), School of Creative Media, City Univ. of Hong Kong
Associate Dean (2015-present), School of Creative Media, City Univ. of Hong Kong
Assistant Professor
(2009-2014), School of Creative Media, City Univ. of Hong Kong
Post-doc Researcher
(2008-2009), MPI Informatik, Germany
Post-doc Researcher (2007-2008), University of British Columbia, Canada
Ph.D. in Computer Science
(2002-2007), Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
       - Thesis: Differential methods for intuitive 3D shape modeling; Advisor: Prof. Chiew-Lan Tai
B.Sc. in Information Sciences (1998-2002), School of Mathematics, Peking University, China

Contact Information
       E-mail:        fuplus (from fu+) AT gmail · com 
hongbofu AT cityu · edu · hk
       Office:         Rm 7008, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre (CMC)
       Phone:        +852-3442-4302
       Fax:             +852-3442-0408
       Address:     Level 7, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre
                           18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong SAR (google maps)


I am currently looking for

  • PhD students,
  • Research Assistants (RAs),
  • Postdocs.

If you are highly motivated and interested in computer graphics, please contact me.

  Recent Research Projects

My primary research interests fall in the fields of Computer Graphics and Human-Computer Interaction.
Below are some of my favorite projects. Please refer to my publications page for a more complete list.

My h-index is 26 according to Google Scholar.

Graphic Interface
Color Orchestra [TVCG 2018] Patternista [Expressive 2016] FlexyFont [Pacific Graphics 2015]

Lazy Selection [SIGGRAPH Asia 2012]
Sketch Analysis and Synthesis
  Sketch2NormalMap [i3D 2018] Live Sketch [CHI 2018]

EZ-Sketching [SIGGRAPH 2014]
Sketch-based Interface for Pattern Exploration [SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Briefs] Model-driven Sketch Reconstruction [SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Briefs] Progressive Line Drawing 3D Reconstruction [TVCG 2015]
Dynamic Sketching [Expressive 2014] Sketch2Scene [SIGGRAPH 2013] Animated Construction of Line Drawings [SIGGRAPH Asia 2011]
Image & Video Editing
    Video-based Interface for Stop Motion [CGA 2013]

Motion-aware temporal coherence for video resizing Motion-aware temporal coherence for video resizing
Motion-aware Video Resizing [SIGGRAPH Asia 2009]
Geometric Processing
Feature-aligned and High-Quality Polygon Offset Surfaces [Computers & Graphics 2018] Support Substructures [TVCG 2016] Efficient Feature-preserving Local Projection Operator [CAD 2013]
Bilateral Normal Filtering [TVCG 2011] Adaptive Partiioning of Urban Facades [SIGGRAPH Asia 2011] Electors Voting [Eurographics 2010]

Hierarchal Shape Extraction [TVC 2009]
3D Modeling & Editing
Pose-Inspired Shape Synthesis [TVCG 2017] Adaptive Indoor Scene Synthesis [SIGGRAPH Asia 17] Structure-adaptive Shape Editing [Eurographics 2016]
Structured Mechanical Collage [TVCG 2014] Structure Recovery by Part Assembly [SIGGRAPH Asia 2012] Component-wise Controller [Eurographics 2011]
Handle-aware isolines [SIGGRAPH 2007] Dual Laplacian [TVCG 2006] Implicit Laplacian [CGF 2007]
Hair/Cloth Modeling and Simulation
  Cloth wrinkling [Eurographics 2009] Sketching hairstyles [SBIM 2007]
Human-Computer Interaction
  FingerT9 [CHI 2018] Design Space of Bezel-initiated Gestures [IJMHCI 2017]

Back-Mirror [SA16 MGIA]
One-man Orchestra [SA14 E-Tech] Scalable Maps of Random Dots [IEEE VR 2013] Data-driven Suggestions for Portrait Posing [SA13 E-Tech; Brief]
Augmented Mirror [SIGGRAPH 2012 E-Tech] Two-Finger Gestures for 6DOF Object Manipulation [Pacific Graphics 2012] Multitouch Gestures for Constrained 3D Transformation [Eurographics 2012]

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