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29 March 2011
Seminars & conferences

point Industry Night Forum addresses creative media's future

Reported by Ryan Lam (Faculty of SCM)

The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Creative Media (BScCM) programme of the School of Creative Media (SCM) at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) held an Industry Night Forum on 4 March for students and industry professionals.  Under the theme “The impact of disruptive innovation and technology on media and advertising platform 2011”, seven honorable guests were invited to share their experience and discuss with participants the future of creative industries.  They were Mr Amir Gal-Or, Dr Lewis Chong Chi-hung, Mr Ng Yu, Mr Stephen Tsang, Mr Ringo Lam Wing Kwan, Mr. Johnny Chan Kwok, and Mr Wong Cho Lam.  All of them have extensive experience in creative and media industries..

In his welcoming remarks, Professor Liu Zhi-Qiang, Programme Leader of the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Creative Media, said creativity within industry was best realised by those familiar with technology and its applications. 

The Industry Night Forum provides a platform for students and experts to interact and incorporate insights from both the academic and industry sectors.  Mr Yim Chun Pang, Teaching Fellow of SCM was the forum conveners.  He said the courses BScCM programme provided were in-sync with the ever-evolving developments within the creative industries.

As forum moderator, Mr Mark Siu Wai Hung, Chief Strategy Officer of Transmedia Communications, discussed the challenge of different media professionals and advertisers facing in the new media and advertising platform when confronted with more free TV licenses in Hong Kong and disruptive development in mobile industry.

Mr Amir Gal-Or, Founder & Managing partner of the Infinity Group / Infinity I-China, encouraged students to be focus on their work and try to think big as an entrepreneur.  He citing several success examples of how small company with innovative application becomes the top-notch company.  He remarked that individual with vision and capability should try to tap on available funding in a global sense.

Mr Ng Yu, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer – Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) Limited, and the Chairman of the IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Limited, he demonstrated how to fully utilize one’s talent and creativity, and his company is devoted to train new artiste through the recently establishment of the EEG’s artiste training school in China.  Mr. Ng also shared his tips on stress management with the audience about how to manage innovation.

Mr Wong Cho Lam, All-round media artiste, explained in details the challenge of the artiste now facing with the new media platform: People like to put their favor TV clips on youtube and shares with their friends, that actually have a serious impact on the TV programme production process, and the content provider have to think seriously how they present new content to the viewers.


Dr Lewis Chong, Head of the Research Team of Hong Kong Economic Journal, highlighted the shifting of paradigm of new consumer behaviour.  The variety of social media platform and application imply the rule of the game is well differentiated from the past.

Mr Johnny Chan Kwok Ho, General Manager of Big Vision Cyber Co. Ltd, demonstrated the latest technology and technique being used in Out-of-home advertising.  New 3D technologies like naked-eyes 3D will play a significant role in the media and advertising platforms foreseeable.

Mr Stephen Tsang, General Manager of Strategy & Business Development, Hong Kong CSL Limited.  Citing the success of social network on mobile platform, he explained briefly how disruptive innovation could generate wealth on the mobile platform in an exponential way.  Social media application is inevitable the next next thing, he quoted the learning curves from various sources.

Mr Ringo Lam Wing Kwan, Chief Executive Officer of Anyplex, shared his own unique experience of a start up in the I.T. business.  He emphasized the importance of timing and the dedication of keen interest in pioneer technology.

With the warm applause from the live audience, Dr Mak Siu Tong, Chairman of the Convey group, resonated the vision of the disruptive technology by sharing his success in advertising business.


The forum evoked an enthusiastic closing discussion, with the development of creative industries in Hong Kong, which inspired all participants and speakers to an overwhelming extent of the next era of the importance of creative media.

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